Land-Tech Surveying & Mapping Corp. was founded in 1990 and continues to be a leading provider of precise surveying and mapping for residential, commercial and public sector projects to the Real Estate, Construction and Engineering industries, as it has for  years primarily in the Central Florida area. Headquartered in Oviedo, Florida and with easy access to the Greeneway and Interstate Highway Systems, Land-Tech offers services throughout the State as well as neighboring tropical islands. With a support system that has long been proven in the profession, Land-Tech continues to offer personalized customer service. Land-Tech is known for its cutting edge technology, durability, quality, and dependability. Land-Tech's capabilities - including technical support, ranges from high-tech GPS systems, optical instruments, laser products, robotic total stations and CADD applications solutions - such as data collection and desktop software tools - to the everyday basics of conventional surveying and mapping.

Global Positioning Satellite System

To better serve its clients, Land-Tech has invested in Topcon GPS+, the most sophisticated and accurate global positioning system available today. More Info

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